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April 15, 2011

We will 'starfuck' this Spring in Paris!

The Kenedys

We have already our precious Easter holidays in France. What a fabulous period it is, isn't it.
The sun has woken up and the air is still fresh.

This is the time where you can catch up some musical arrears, recent expositions or last cinema releases. 
I'm killing myself everyday for having missed Wild Palms live at the end of 2010. What an inexcusable neglect! But enough about the busy, shameful past. To avoid this mistake in the near future,  it's necessary to note all interesting indie concerts in Paris, till summer 2011. [At this point, I can't deny the contribution of  last fm, which is very helpful when we need to organise our personal line up]. 

16 April 2011 Saturday FLECHE D'OR

So first, a very important gig for people like me, who missed their appearance with Waves in Point Éphémère, couple months ago.  The band that I'm talking about is Smith Westerns (US), already today in Fleche D'or. If you like  lo-fi, garage rock, or noise pop, all coloured by a very meaningful mark: indie, you need to see them fast!
Besides, this evening is not going to  ruin you. I think the ticket price (10€ at club /13€ on-line) is very reasonable especially when we take into consideration the number of all musicians performing this Saturday at FD'or:      KIM NOVAK + LA FELINE + MYRA LEE + JB & FRIENDS (DJ).

21 April 2011 Thursday POINT EPHEMERE

We all like American suburbs' sound but can you imagine the world without British music? Have you already been enchanted by Echo & The Bunnymen, White Lies? Great, than you will appreciate particularly CHAPEL CLUB, 21 April 2011 in Point Éphémère. Of course the price is higher, 14 € /16€, I guess being mentioned on NME pages raises very fast the market value of artists. This concert is a part of a huge tour across Europe  promoting their first album: 'Palace'. 

26 April 2011 Thursday L'INTERNATIONAL

Elizabeth Devlin

I'm not sure that I will be in L'Internaional at My Broken Frame Release Party but this is what I intend to do anyway. Elizabeth Devlin, from New York, sounds very french according to me. She plays the most often acoustic, sometimes sings even in french. I like her strong retro sound, minimalism, and simplicity. Plus the concert is free, so why shouldn't we give her a try? 
She will be fallowed by My Broken Frame (FR) and Sea Legs from Sydney. The last  one seem to be  interesting indeed, their pop a la countryside is somewhere between Kings Of Leon and Spoon,  a very pleasant music in general. (Free entry!).

28 April 2011 Saturday L'INTERNATIONAL

The Russian Futurists

They play psychedelic pop, and come from Toronto which is a  big plus for me right now, cause I'm trying lately to discover some more exceptional  Canadian artists ( like well known Arcade Fire or  a bit less  popular Slim Twig). Guys from TRF are touring at  present with 'Architecture in Helsinki' all over the Europe. Their last long-play is called 'The Weight's On The Wheels', seriously  a magnetic one. It returns to you like a boomerang, more you listen to it, more it's exciting and finally after a few try you find yourself completely addicted.
The other concert this evening will perform Speed Dial 7, I'm pretty curious about this performance either, just check their song at the play-list to understand what I mean.
As far as I'm concerned, you won't pay anything for watching them live, in International, a fantastic opportunity !


2 May 2011 Monday Café De La Danse

I love endlessly, this funny pop created by Guillemots on their second album 'Red' (2008). It used to bring a wide smile on my face, every time I was listening to it. And now, three years later I can finally go see by myself these young British responsible for millions of my smiles and singing at the shower of course :P 
On 18 April they have released the third long-play called 'Walk The River'.
22 €

Guillemots at Dailybeatz

5 May 2011 Thursday ESPACE B /CANCELLED

I've wrote a bit higher about an american female artist who sings in french, now time came for  four boys from Corsica singing in English, and what's more curious a lot like Kinks or The Beatles.  Moreover, the gig takes place in my favourite club in Paris, Espace B. On Thursday 5 May, The Kenedys will play second concert in this place where, I've actually seen them lately. And naturally, I enjoyed it very much .That's exactly why, about one month later, I'm going to see them again, in the same club, maybe also to remark a possible progress or new songs or just, simply to have fun during their energetic, vintage music. Can't already wait!
   The soonest Kenedys' concert is now on 21 May  in SCOPITONE This is going to be probably a very nice, almost private show. 

14 May 2011 Saturday FLECHE D'OR

I don't know very well, these two DJs from New York, called Holy Ghost! I've just, heard recently their electro pop single 'Wait see', and truly liked it. Than I saw them having published, couple weeks ago, the whole debut album on their site, so I've listened to it either. And now totally prepared to check them live, what  I'm going to realise on 14 May in Fleche D'or. They will play, concert after Adam Kesher (Disco House/Rock FR)
10 € at the club.

Holy Ghost! (USA)

16May 2011 Monday POINT EPHEMERE

I fell in love with Chazwick Bundick's Toro Y Moi thanks to his debut album 'Causers of this' [2010]. The new one (Underneath the Pine, 2011) is also interesting , so it would be delightful to see this american project in one of french clubs. Toro Y Moi, is called glow-fi and hypna-... something pop, hmm.... what a mess, who the hell created these names of musical under-genres? Never mind, after all, it proves his diverse inspirations like R'n'B, film music, the Brian Wilson pop, hip hop from Stone Throw label. This evening,  we will see also in Point Ephemere: With Beat Connection and Tresors (DJ set).
13 € at club.

Toro Y Moi - Bryan Bush

To be continued with my favourite at the moment.....



and so on... concerts you won't hear about from media but appreciate enormously, if you're a real music fan. This a chance to see important international projects before they become another Kings Of Leon, meaning, bands to see from a Canyon Colorado distance with a crowd of savage teenage vampires (;

Half Nelson 
 for SMMN

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