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Smith Westerns' concert in Fleche D'or was quite fun, if we don't count the little problem with the vocal, I mean I saw the vocalist singing but the sound got kind of lost, trying to approach my ears. That's a bit shame because I like their music very much, since the very begging of the band's formation. OK but it happens in Fleche D'or and we can't really do big thing about it. I just hope they won't go directly to the crappy Zenith or Olympia next time in Paris, than maybe I will have the chance to listen to them live instead of just admiring Cullen Omori's mute mouth.

As I wrote in my post (We will 'starfuck' this Spring in Paris) there were a whole bunch of musicians on the stage at Fleche D'or that evening. I came to the club late so I missed  Myra Lee (called, French PJ Harvey ;) . I could watch all of the next band's concert (La Feline), but they weren't really extraordinary. My sense of curiosity was exhausted after their fourth song. I felt bored, because even if La Feline looked really nice, guys in clean shirts, they were all particularly attractive, their music was monotone, and the compositions sort of muffled without any real rhythm changes. I guess this performance was too 'elegant' and kind for me. The same goes for Kim Novak, who despite of being excessively sweet surprised me although with the progress they have made since last time I saw this band in Fleche D'or. And of course they played not only longer than Smith Western's but much more dynamic. I have just one remark for them, guys should really learn to take more risk on the stage, try to work on their own style because right now it was too sweet, too cool like I were watching a rock show in the television from fifties. A concert that you could even recommend to your mother!

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