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May 24, 2015

I wasn't keen on writing new post lately, cause I've been actually collaborating on few other projects. So yes, I walked out a bit on my precious blog. It's time to make it up!

In my opinion, music videos are the most neglecked pieces of art ever. And yet, they have an incredible power to move melodies to the next, almost tangible level. They are close to cinema and in the same time totally underestimated. I do think that there should be more space for criticism of music video art. Let me declare what I find interesting in these alluring sounds below and their fancy video.

This is Tomorrows Tulips video fusing together two songs, "Baby" and "Glued To You" from their Burger Records' full-length album WHEN.

First, I find it absolutely adorable, especially the part inspired by 70'tees. These blocks of colors and minimalism were cleverly messed up with garage rock elements. It not only makes me think of Nirvana's baby from the cover of Nevermind, but also of Klaxons -Twin Flames. There are a lot of things going on in my head when watching it, and that indeed draws me into this clip the most.

The atmosphere is kind of sterile thanks to the abstract background. Placing the feature out of context makes the nudity less intimate, so that we remain indulgently impressed instead of judging these images being obscene.

It works exactly the same for „Twin Flames” where girls are not only naked but also kissing passionately guys from the band. There is a catch, a really good one that disturbs everyone from the naked body contemplation. We are curious of the feature, intressted in their wicked story. That's why we could never qualify any of these videos indecent

Feel free to write your opinion below, as long as it's not insulting or malicious. 

For those who like this video as much as I do, come join me in Espace B on 25th May 2015, to see the band playing live.