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February 26, 2011

Ten most intresting Polish videoclips 2010 (only indie genres of music!)*

10. Funny animated video clip

It reminds me here and there Gorrillaz although, I think there are more  references to original Asiatic animation, or even Hollywood cartoons here than to Damon Alborn's clip. In general, it certainly required enormous work so, I regret, it wasn't made with more reasonable aesthetics (limiting the crazy amount of colours), because this isn't a fairytale for children (like Avatar ;).


Released on18 December 2010

9. Refined, creative, cosmic

There is a real complete scenario here that is already making this video exceptional in the world of music clips. Moreover, I think that the most interesting is this visual experimentation, with entirely imaginary universe,  intertwined with the cruel, more figurative one. And there was no need to use diverse shapes and clamours to make it work on the screen. It's minimal, and simply well done. (It won the most important music video award in Poland at 2010 Yach Film Festival)

                 (DON'T DISAPPEAR)

Released on 1June  2010

8. Cool, youthful, one scene video-clip!

I like this video very much even if you can't really find inside it anything extraordinary, except the plan sequence  technique, which still demands some patience and certain discipline on the film set. I dig the most for this cool Arctic Monkeys' authentic teenage ambiance and truly good sound. It's also the best official clip of this band according to me (the other ones are blazed by beautiful pictures, actors and views with no true emotions, to sweet to be authentic).

                             (IF YOU LOVE ME, LET ME GO)

Don't forget to enlarge the image before watching it!
Released on 20 January 2011

7. FFF = Fresh + Fancy + Fine

This band is never bad or particularly good. Their music and clip don't arouse violent emotions in me but it's fine because after all I can't ignore them either. They are fancy looking and well playing trio that I need to hear and see sometimes, mostly to improve my crappy mood whether, I consider them significant or not.


Released on 9 December 2010

6. It smells money but this video-clip is also very well conceived, no doubt about it.

I like the new Brodka look and music, she improved both of them after a certain break on the market of music.
Of course she has signed for big label so I can't count on her being creative and original forever but for this special moment, let's just loose ourselves admiring her lovely video clip. At the end, she had to play cool and courageous to act beyond the commercial expectations, bravo!

                     (IN FIVE FLAVORS)

Released on 3 October 2010

    The Same category as lower  no. 5.   

Released on 18 October 2010

4. Hot polish reference to crazy 80thies

Oh my GOD! I fancy this video particularly. I could watch it over and over again. There are of course several important reasons for that. First, D4D comes from the same city, I was born. Secondly, they are the lonely case where Polish musicians manage to follow latest world tendencies. I really respect they creation because, it's diverse and unique especially inside the polish market music. This is snazzy!

Released on 31 January 2011
[ must (re-) see at this year's Heineken Opener Festival ;]

3. Impressions Of A Futuristic Retro

I've actually saw this  motion picture, like hundred times so I don't know any more what's more exacting, the song or its video clip. Anyway, I'm not going to loose my mind trying to figure it out. I can just say that I love it, I adore it and pray for it !!!! O.K. maybe I exaggerated a bit with these prayers ;P  However, this little red car and these blurry streets constantly animated persuaded me to pick it for the final three greatest music video-clips 2010 in Poland. This is truly beautiful, in my opinion, proof of a huge sensibility! 


Released on 19 October 2009

2. Far outstanding hipsters' style

This is different. I can't find another word to describe it. Of course, if there is something like hipsters aesthetics preferences, this it! Their essential visual taste, materialised thanks to Paris Tetris.
Vintage, unusual, unconventional, finally against everything!


Released on 23 November 2010

(Must see of this year's Heineken Opener Festival;)

1. Surreal, eccentric, the most charismatic 2010 music video-clip!

Watching this video is probably like tasting D. Lynch's visions or simply enjoying drugs' influence. Surreal or just hyper-realistic? Surely, violent and cruel in way. Because there are some strong, authentic emotions there. I love this enigmatic atmosphere and dark art direction. Characters and locations are mysterious, the music far from easy listening (at the begging). It makes me somehow feel alive, as if I were experiencing these images, instead of commonly watching them. I don't know why this short piece of artwork has such an influence on me. The truth is that, it just takes my breath away since 2min19s, when the climax starts, with the poetic slow motion but also paradoxically very dynamic part of this clip. 

Just look at the fantastic composition of lightening which has enormously important part in this video. Strong reflectors in completely dark spaces create disquieting shadows. On the other hand, it seems to draw as well, a border of safe zone, of common sense. Contrariwise, the darkness hides dangerous human nature.
Images, are from time to time, finely coloured by flashes of delicate shades (green, blue and yellow accents). 

Gosh, this clip is so sad and mad at the end that, I can't deal with it, inside my head. It doesn't stop to confuse me. I'm pretty sure that if I were able to tame it entirely, I would have fed up my fascination, after two minutes of watching it.
Fast editing, dramatic actions and these weird shots of the misty eye dog are particularly brilliant.  Pure genius! 
impressive work : art direction, video editing, film sets, costumes and calibration)

                                     (FRAGILE BLONDE)

Released on 24 August 2010
Director: M. Nygaard Hemmingsen

Producer: Joanna Zofia Bard Mikolajczyk
Director of photography: Mads Køngerskov

Production & Costume design: Katarzyna Pielużek
Make up design: Żaneta Zuza Stefańska

Production Poland: Katarzyna Pielużek & Barbara Kaja Kaniewska
1st AC: Jacob Sofussen
Gaffer: Jerzy Irzyk, MG Service
Editor: Anders Skov
Colorist: Oliver Wolff
Still photographer: Barbara Kaja Kaniewska

Andrzej Fiołek
Mateusz Irzycki
Jan Kozłowski
Krzysztof (Żbik),
Alina Kubiak
Tomasz Łapucha
Joanna Zofia Bard Mikołajczyk
Jakub Mroczyński
Iwona Pasińska
Żaklina Piechanowska
Halina Pucka
Paulina Szubarga
Piotr Twardosz
Ewa Wawrów
Krystian Wieczyński

* The period concerns the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2011 as well.

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