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January 8, 2011

THE PIG, THE NAIVE AND THE CHARLATAN. Swinia, Naiwniak i Szarlatan

3 extraits "Le Cochon, le Naïf et le Charlatan"
Załadowane przez: burgevin. - Pełny sezon i wszystkie odcinki online.

Vincent Burgevin, is  French indie director, who has already made several short films  with very good critics. His  movies are interesting because, funny and atypical in a way. He is best known for the previous : Heureux, qui comme Edouard ( Happy who as Edward ), a musical with performances of brilliant dancers almost as spectacular as in Hollywood. But enough about the director, let’s talk about PIG, NAIVE AND CHARLATAN (2010).
I saw it first in a public TV which is quite natural. Projectioncs were in Canal + and an international TV5 Europe, as well as in many film  festivals. The genre is supposed to be comedic but like, it was with Edward...  They are not just comedies. First was a musical about bureaucracy. The second, I would even call existential. There is a huge place for an irony in this movie and a whole bunch of irrational situations. However, we buy this bizarre reality at once, because, its pictures are coherent and very well thought. The scenario is simple, so we believe that the idiot with a big heart can be so silly.

The Gothic style, usually pathetic, is here one of the ways to present, how much the human communication breaks down.  Furthermore, how miserable may the consequences of our  desperate need for friendship or any other relationship can be.  The action take mostly place at night because, it underlines perfectly hopeless and absurd nature of this world (our world).  These aesthetics brought clearly into my mind inspirations of French Theatre de l'absurde. The omnipresent darkness, intense, almost theatrical lights and characters like, helpless puppets, controlled by others or some weird forces.  The plot expanses by series of illogical adventures, dismissing any realism. 
I like this image and, I hope you will like, it too. This is the part of French cinema that, I appreciate the most. It's far from a clumsy documentary style, very popular in recent movies (that, I can't usually stand). On the contrary, this sort of films are terribly detached from our reality but that's the point, the only way to take the necessary distance and go see ourselves in a particular mirror, where things, unseen become visible and clear, for once! So have  fun, watching this trailer and try absolutely to get the full film!

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